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General Questions 

The price of tranfers depends on various factors including size, qty, transfer type & colours and suitable artwork. Please request a quote , along with emailing us your artwork, for a no obligation free quote.
Permacut and digital Flexprint transfers are permanent and colourfast, and provided the appropriate care is taken when washing they will not peel off. Ironing over transfer, tumble drying & drycleaning will damage the transfer. Laundrycare instructions are also provided with every completed order placed with us, as we want you to get the best life from your transfers.

Transfer Papers are not colourfast, and are therefore recommended for "one off" use. e.g. for birthdays, stag or hens nights T-shirts.
No, it is not recommended as constant heat, pressure, and correct time is needed for adhesion to garments. A commercial heat press is required.
If you want to change or replace the original transfer, then in some cases, it is possible to apply a new transfer over the top. However, they can leave behind a residue, therefore we do not recommend their removal. For more advice on your options, please call us or bring the garment into our showroom.
Turnaround time always depends on current workload. Please contact us with your requirements so we can give you a timeframe - we do have a pre-booking system, if you know you have a job coming up and want to be booked in ahead of time - this helps to avoid any disappointment!
We are able to press all transfers that we produce to your garments.

However, we can also apply transfers that were produced elsewhere, so long as application details i.e heat/pressure/time are also provided with the transfer/s, due to differences in materials used by other manufacturers
Absolutely! We have a wide range of clothing selections available to you. Clothing samples and catalogues are available to look through in our showroom for you to choose from or look at. In most cases we can have your order here by the following working day if you are happy to pay for an express overnight delivery if this charge is applicable (not all are). Some offer a longer delivery service for a more budget priced option or free delivery, thus giving you more choice. You are most welcome to provide your own garments, but you may wish to check they are suitable for garment branding as not all are. **

Please note: - We do not guarantee branding onto garments you supply yourself, as our own suppliers supply us with a 'guarantee of branding suitability'. Because of this, we would suggest to you that if you are looking at bringing in several garments of your own for branding, that you pay for one to be sampled first to be sure it's ok before doing them all and wasting a lot of money, only to find out they are not suitable garments.
No. Due to the low set up fees on custom computer-cut orders, our transfers are cost effective in small quantities and therefore are ideal for one off samples and designs for special occasions such as birthdays and stag or hens nights. Our large range of catalogued designs do not incur a setup charge.

However there are large setup costs for screenprinted designs, but that is usually fairly well outweighed by the large volume ordered. If there are too many colours involved, that would change, depending on the quantity for printing.
Yes, our prices are quantity based. The larger the quantity, the less the transfer cost. With our catalogue range of designs, the transfers are slightly dearer if you bring your own garment in, but cheaper if we supply the garment instead.
Please ask or mention this when you place your order, so we can organise a copy of the pressing instructions for you to take with your transfers upon collection.
Absolutely! We have a graphic designer in house who will be more than happy to do this for you. Please contact us for a quote as artwork fees apply, along with a copy or visual of what you need redrawn.
If your PMS colour does not suitably match one of our permacut colours, then we can offer you the option of digitally printing the logo to get the required colour.

Please note that due to variances in inks and media an exact match to a PMS colour is nearly impossible, although we can usually match it to within a few shades. The other option is that it is always best is to provide a hardcopy or fabric swatch to match with if you do not have PMS colour number or PMS book.

Artwork Questions 

For computer cut graphics we need the artwork in vector format. If this is not possible we can redraw artwork from a good quality bitmap image, however artwork fees will apply, although the fees are very reasonable..

Acceptable vector formats are: EPS, PDF, AI (Adobe Illustrator, up to version CS4) or CDR (Corel Draw, up to version X4). Please ensure that all fonts are created to outlines/converted to curves/paths before saving.

For Solutions Flexprints, we require a high quality bitmap (300 dpi or higher) for photographic images. Vector format is still preferable for complex logos and designs as they can be enlarged without reducing quality. Otherwise a high quality bitmap image would be suitable.

Acceptable bitmap formats are: TIFF, JPG & PSD (Adobe Photoshop, up to version CS4). BMPs and GIFs are not acceptable. Please endeavour to provide the image at a resolution of 300 dpi and ensure it is the correct size. Images supplied at a smaller size (even when they are the correct dpi) will lose quality when enlarged.

For more information, click here to view our artwork specification sheet .
No. Website images are only low quality JPEGs or GIFs with a resolution of 72 dpi. While these are suitable for viewing on your screen, they are certainly not suitable for printing.

Although it is possible to physically increase the resolution to 300 dpi using a program such as Photoshop, this will not increase the quality of the image at all.