Plastisol Prints


A more cost effective solution

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Plastisol printing is pretty much the same as screenprinting, but specifically designed for larger print runs or ongoing orders like the service industry uniforms (eg. cleaning companies, ongoing team uniforms & company uniforms where prints are required on a fairly regular basis, often due to staff/team player changes etc). This method helps by freeing up your cashflow.

Unlike the regular screenprinting processes where medium-large runs are processed  all at the same time (in one go), plastisol prints are also screenprinted in one go, but these are actually screenprinted onto a backing paper instead, & can then be easily stored and only applied to the garment as and when required, allowing you greater flexibilty with staff uniforms etc. No mucking around when you need a uniform or two in a hurry ... the prints are all ready just to press off right when you need them! No having to re-setup a screen for multiple smaller-medium runs either, when you could do it just once or twice every two years or so instead. Now that's a saving! Not to mention the time waiting for the printing to be done as well!!! Screenprinted transfers also wear better and are more durable once they have been heat-pressed on.

Available in either single or multicoloured prints, in either A4 or A3 sized sheets. The more logos you can fit on a sheet, the more $$ you save! Designs must fit within these print margins:  A4: 190 x 277mm, A3: 287 x 380mm

Attributes: Suitable for large runs, mulitple colour options and ongoing small repeat orders. This option allows you to carry stocks of transfers without the restrictions of stocking a large quantity of pre-printed garments by freeing up your cashflow.

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Artwork Requirements (.pdf download)