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Computer Cut - Heat Transfer





Permacut transfers can be easily applied onto most garments. Our range of colours and unique metallics, foils, glitters and fashion prints really help to make creative eye catching and exciting garments just so easy to achieve. They are ideal for any quantity you require, from one offs through to hundreds.We can supply them as ready to press transfers for you to apply yourself (heat press required), or we can apply them for you.

You'll be amazed at the thin and durable qualities of Permacut. For more examples, visit our Portfolio section.

Ideal for: simple logos, graphics, plain text, sports numbers & names (refer to our Services section for more information on these).
Can be pressed onto: All types of clothing including Dri-fit fabrics, bags, hats, jackets, swimwear, sportswear & more


Cotton, polyester and similar fabrics, sports bags, PVC and canvas:

Use standard permacut, metallics, opal, fluoros, glitters, mirrors, foils & flock
Nylon and Nylon coated Fabrics:

Use Allmark
Sublimated fabrics:

S.I.R (Sublimation Ink Resistant) - available only in matt white. Standard permacut can then be pressed on top.

Introducing .... the Permacut range!

*The Permacut 'Standards' range...

Use for cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers. Permacut HotMark 70 is a matt polyurethane heat transfer flex material that is very thin, soft and stretchable. 60 microns


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS for ALLgarment transfers*:-

  • Wash inside out
  • Warm water only (we recommend you use Persil or a mild liquid detergent) do not exceed temperatures of 80°
  • Line dry

     DO NOT -

  • Use Fab 2
  • Use hot water
  • Soak nor soak in Napisan
  • Dryclean.
  • Bleach or use harsh detergents.
  • Tumble dry.
  • Iron over transfer (iron from the inside instead)

*Following these simple guidelines will ensure you get a long life out of your branding and protect the adhesive qualities of the transfers! A copy of these instructions is given out with every garment ordered.



*The Permacut 'Specialties' range...

Glow in the Dark

Backlight Photo-luminescent polyurethane material for Heat Transfer onto Cotton, Polyester, and similar fibers. 100 microns
Attributes: Powerful and long lasting properties, thin and soft, self adhesive carrier.

S.I.R (Sublimation Ink Resistant) - For Sublimated Fabrics

Matt white media for heat transferring onto sublimated  polyester printed shirts (eg. Vodafone Warriors shirts). 110 microns.
Attributes: Acts as a barrier from the printed garment colours bleeding through the heat transfers. Can be used simply as a white transfer on its own or as a base layer underneath another light permacut colour.


Glitter (Sparkling)

Glossy polyurethane with Sparkling Glitters
For Heat Transfer onto Cotton, Polyester, and similar fibers.
Attributes: Very thin and soft, stretchable, self adhesive carrier.
Washable up to 60°C






Fluoro's (Neon/Hi-Vis)

Use for cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers. Permacut HotMark 70 is a matt polyurethane heat transfer flex material that is very thin, soft and stretchable. 60 microns / *90 microns

  ** Standard Colours:   
  Standard Colours: (These are a guide only)   
White Anthracite Black
Grey Brown Beige
Pastel Yellow Light Yellow GoldenYellow
Apricot Orange

Vivid Red


Bordeaux Pastel Pink
Pink Sweet Pink Fuschia
Raspberry Lilac Plum
Purple Pastel Blue Light Blue
Vivid Blue Royal Blue Navy
Teal Pastel Green Apple Green
Light Green Dark Green Forest Green
Metallic Gold Mirror Gold Mirror Silver
Metallic Silver Blue Foil Red Foil 
Green Foil Euro-Opal Pink Glitter
Red Glitter Green Glitter Blue Glitter
Silver Glitter Gold Glitter Glow in the Dark

S.I.R (Sublimation)



blue glitter ladies

  Example of the Blue Glitter   
Fluoro Yellow Fluoro Orange Fluoro Green
Fluoro Pink Fluoro Green *  

Fashion Prints

Matt polyurethane with repeating designer prints, for Heat Transfer onto Cotton, Polyester, and similar fibers. 60 microns
Attributes: Very thin and soft, stretchable, self adhesive carrier. Washable up to 80°C.

As durable and washable as regular standard permacut.

Fashion Prints :
Colours: (These are a guide only)



Viscose Flock material (velvet touch) For Heat Transfer onto Cotton, Polyester and similar fibers.
Attributes: True Soft velvet touch, Bright colours, self adhesive carrier.

Washable up to 80°C

Colours: (These are a guide only)
White Black Grey
Beige Orange GoldenYellow
Magenta Dark Red Navy
Brown Light Red Vivid Blue
Light Blue Green Turquoise

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